The Stupid News with Yankee Pete
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Sunday May 10th, 2009

From: Jennifer
Sent: Tuesday, May 05, 2009 10:07 AM
Subject: Guenn

Dear Ace, TJ and Staff,




          It’s unusual for us to write such a letter but we finally cannot contain ourselves anymore.  We listen to Ace & TJ religiously. They help to start our day with a smile, and laughs.  However, we are writing in regards to Guenn. 


          Guenn is probably a wonderful person, but her radio presence is, for lack of a better word, annoying!  This is the woman you have chosen to represent all of the other women that listen to your show?  Her voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard, or the obnoxious buzz of the alarm clock waking you from a peaceful slumber.  I’m sure it’s a great “phone voice” for all the men that fantasize about it, but come on!  She’s not funny or humorous in anyway, not even when TJ picks on her…its just sad and annoying.


          Aside from having issues with her voice, we struggle with identifying with the person you have chosen to represent us as women!  We are not against having women n the show.  They are the yin to the yang, but please bring a woman on who doesn’t sound like a valley girl!  Her opinions are so bland and unintelligent.  We feel stupid just listening to her!  Most of the time she comments on something our response is “no way…and you thought of that all by yourself?”  And when she’s not chiming in with her ‘all to intelligent responses’ she’s blowing into the microphone with a loud breathe or squeaky laugh. 


          We’re not picking on Guenn, she’s probably a great person, but please explain to us what exactly it was that made you think she “brought something to the table.”  Just let her give the entertainment news every 30 min or something.


          We realize that when all is said and done, that our opinion is insignificant and probably won’t be considered or even discussed. But we will tell you this, we are not the only ones who feel this way.  You need someone with a better radio persona.  Once again, Guenn we’re sure your wonderful, but could you please talk, breathe, and laugh into the microphone less?


                                                              Thanks so much!




p.s. we love you guys and won’t stop listening

























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