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New Radio Family Members Need To Know...FAQ by Listener Danny -- Part 1
If you're new to the Ace & TJ Radio Family these are some things that you need to know... Thank you loyal listener Danny for taking the time to type this up!
Monday October 13th, 2008

  • If you are sarcastically challenged, The Ace & TJ Show may cause your blood pressure to go up.  If not, then you should be alright.  Don’t take everything said by them, and by “them” I mean TJ, literally.  Once in a while, he will state something that’s outrageously over the top, just to illustrate how ludicrous something else is.  Other times, it should be obvious that he’s just joking.  And please, please don’t call the station every single time that he says something that’s “wrong”.  If he says something about liking Hawaii and that he agrees that we should continue trading with Hawaii, he doesn’t really think it’s a separate country and not part of the United States, even if it isn’t connected to the 48 contiguous states.  If he says that today is Adam Sandler’s birthday and that his brother and NASCAR driver, Elliott, is a friend of the show, he really knows that Elliott’s last name is “Sadler” and not “Sandler” and that they are not related.  See?
  • “If you grin, you’re in.”  This is the show’s motto and it basically means that they will pick on pretty much every different group of people out there based on anything from race to religion to hobbies to sports teams, you name it.  They do so in a light-hearted way, never mean-spirited or hateful.  But while you might laugh along with everyone when they poke fun at one group, say people who stand in line all night to buy the latest video game or to see the latest Star Wars movie, eventually, they will make fun of a group to which you belong, for instance, gamers who play World of Warcraft so long that they urinate in plastic Coke bottles.  When they do, just grin and bear it.  If you can grin and take some lighthearted ribbing about your group, then you’re “in” and not some thin-skinned person who sends nasty e-mails and threatens to never listen to the show again…when we all know that you will.
  • Ace & TJ’s Grin Kids is their charity that they started in 2000.  Its mission is simply to raise money throughout the year in order to send children who are terminally ill and chronically disabled on a once-in-a-lifetime, all-expenses-paid vacation to Disney World in Orlando, FL.  They also include their parents or legal guardians and their siblings.  They give these families something that most would not be able to otherwise afford or enjoy – a real vacation where they can relax and just be regular kids and not worry about doctor’s visits and shots and tests and surgeries and everything else that is a large part of their daily lives.  The trip begins in October with everyone boarding a chartered flight from Charlotte to Orlando.  In recent years, the Orlando Police Department has provided a police escort from the airport to Disney World on the same level as a presidential visit, complete with plenty of police cars and motorcycles.  Once at the park, the kids and their families are given special passes so they don’t have to spend all day waiting in line for rides and shows.  Everything they need and more is covered, from their hotel rooms to meals, even special gift bags every evening with more stuff.  For their 2007 trip, Ace and TJ’s daughters, Payton and Lanie, and a friend of theirs saved up their money and made “Build-A-Bears” for each of the Grin Kids.  Ace and several talented musicians generously donate their time and energy in creating “the hottest cover band in the land” that will “rip your face off” called Charity Case, which plays all over the Charlotte area all year and donates 100% of their earnings to Grin Kids.  Ace & TJ also sponsor other events throughout the year that help pay for everything – a celebrity golf tournament, their Second Chance Prom, Play Anything Day in which they stay on the air all day taking donations to play practically any song the listener requests, etc.  They also sell various merchandise online.  For more information, go to  If you can listen to one of their broadcasts from Disney World with the Grin Kids and their families without getting at least a little misty-eyed, then you might as well go off and join Al Qaeda because you are not an American.
  • You can read their bios on by clicking on the CAST tab at the top of their website.  They have been on the air in Charlotte for 10 years, from where they’ve been syndicated all over the Southeast and Pennsylvania, plus two years before that in Huntsville, Alabama, and before that in Baton Rouge, LA, and Alexandria, LA, where they met back in 1991 and decided to become a morning show.  Obviously during this time together, they have had other people on the show not listed here that they may mention from time to time, as well as who may pop up in classic Ace & TJ radio bittage, videos, audio, etc.  Shortly after moving to Charlotte, they hired the angelic Angie to be “the girl” on the show to replace Terri, who was on the previous morning show on their flagship station.  Angie was a part of their family for over five years until her evil husband, Fitz, stole her from The Ace & TJ Show and took her to Los Angeles with him after he got a really high-paying job at another radio station.  The girl on the show for the next two years was Madden, who came from Modesto, CA, “The Redneck Capital of the West Coast”.  After proving what Ace and TJ have said for years – that rednecks are not only found in the South – Madden returned to her former station as a midday host and assistant program director.  In 2007, after a very expensive gender reassignment surgery, Guenn (formerly “Glen”) took over the role as “the girl” on the show.  Just kidding…the surgery wasn’t that expensive.  Their former producer and famous narcoleptic, Ryan, was on the show from 2001 – 2008.  Due to constantly losing legal battles in the post-Janet Jackson “wardrobe malfunction” era in which radio shows (that have never shown a single nipple!) have been forbidden to do various stunts, Ryan was regrettably let go from the show.  Although probably most remembered for being the wacky stunt guy who did such things as land a plane by himself (with a co-pilot), allow himself to be taken down by a police dog, put into a restaurant’s dishwashing machine, return a punt without blockers against a former #1-ranked college team, play “Cowboy Poker”, and too many more to name but most of which can be seen on, click on Videos and then Stunts and Show Stuff at the bottom of the screen, as well as interviewing drunk fans at various concerts and asking strangers “So, what are you doing at the courthouse today?”, some people might forget just how damn funny he was when he was just on the air talking with Ace, TJ, Pete, “the girl”, various interns, guests, etc.  Another name that may come up from time to time is former Intern Hoss, who did two internships with the show, graduated from App State, and then basically just hung around for a few more years and lived for free with Ryan until he finally got a job with another morning show in Atlanta.  In a strange twist of fate, Hoss originally landed a job in Raleigh, NC on a morning show whose host is (or was?) a friend of Ace & TJ.  He lasted about three hours before quitting, which led to his first “real” or “paying” job in radio in Atlanta.  The irony of that situation is that Hoss beat out former intern and current producer of The Ace & TJ Show, BreezeKat, for the Raleigh job.
  • When Ace and TJ decided to start their own morning show, one thing that both agreed on was they did not want to emulate Howard Stern or any other “shock jock” by doing things that were rude, crude, or socially unacceptable.  So, they agreed not to do anything on their show that they would be embarrassed about or ashamed of doing in front of their own mothers.  It’s not that great an accomplishment to put on a low-brow show with strippers and porn stars and beeping every other word while catering to the lowest common denominator; but to be able to put on a syndicated four-hour morning show that is both clean and incredibly funny, while never getting stale, is, for lack of a better word, “genius”! 
  • In finding a balance that keeps with their goal of putting on a clean show that parents can listen to with their small children in the car on the way to school, while still keeping the parents listening until they get to work, and in their office since they air on “the station that’s not too hard, not too soft, that everyone can agree on”, they do occasionally discuss topics of a more mature nature, especially if it’s something in the news.  When they do, they always try to wait until the end of the show when most kids are in school or they warn the parents that they may want to turn the volume down for a couple of minutes.  One part of this is by using various euphemisms.  For example, they use the term “playing the piano” or “having the relations” in place of sex, so that hopefully younger kids won’t start asking their parents questions that they would probably rather not get into on the way to school.  Below are various words and phrases that they have either borrowed or coined over the years.  They are part of The Ace & TJ Leprechaun (for the sarcastically challenged, that would be lexicon):
  • Playing the Piano – Their code phrase for having sex, used so that parents don’t have to answer questions from their younger children.
  • Man Card – An imaginary “card” that men are asked to turn in if they do something feminine or not manly.  Other variations of the card include Woman, Yankee, Southern, Straight (Hetero), etc.
  • Manscape – To trim hair, especially on a hairy man.
  • Man Crush – A desire of one man for another, but not in a sexual way (unless the other man is up for it.)
  • Manitalia – Male genitalia
  • Mullet – There are several variations of this term for a hair style popular in the 70s and 80s that is short on top and long in the back, AKA The Kentucky Waterfall, The Achy Breaky Hair, and The Ape Drape, also described as “Business in the front, Party in the back”, such as the following:
  • Skullet – Mullet on a bald man
  • Mulletino – Mullet on a Filipino
  • Mullatino – Mullet on a Latino
  • Meximullet – Mullet on a Mexican
  • Femullet – Mullet on a woman
  • Calcullet – Mullet on an Indian
  • Granmullet – Mullet on a grandfather
  • Sexy Time, Making the Sexy Time – See Playing the Piano above (from the movie Borat).
  • Making the Touch – See Playing the Piano above (from the movie Borat).
  • Making the Beast with Two Backs – See Playing the Piano above.  (Able to be changed to fit the situation, such as “making the beast with two wrinkled backs”, to describe playing the piano in a nursing home.)
  • Having Relations – See Playing the Piano above.
  • Bump Drafting – See Playing the Piano above.
  • Deliciously Candy Coated – Overweight, fat, obese.
  • Beeramid – A pyramid made out of empty beer cans, usually found in college dorm rooms.
  • Life Caddy – Another word for “life partner”, wife, or significant other, of the female persuasion.
  • Tramp Stamp – Tattoo that a woman has, specifically on her lower back, to show that she’s “like Sunday morning”...easy.  (In Germany, a tramp stamp is referred to as “a$$ antlers”.)
  • Muffin Top – When a person’s stomach overlaps their belt area and they wear short shirts, causing the area to look like a muffin.
  • Home Depot Hoochies (also Lowe’s Lizards, Target Tramps) – Women who dress up a little more than normal when going to Home Depot and hit on the guys working there, possibly in hopes of making the sexy time, getting a discount, or both.
  • DUF – Designated Ugly Friend, the least unattractive member in a group of friends. 
  • Hafrican-American – A new term for biracial.
  • Brick Excrement House – A cleaner version of a similar term, meaning well-built.
  • Lesbeterian – A euphemism for lesbian.
  • Bacne – Acne on someone’s back.
  • Fasion – Favorite Asian.
  • Trash Bag – (8/1/07, from an Australian term) One who engages in excessive behavior while partying and generally makes a disgrace of themselves in a good way.  (Replaces the term “trashy” or “white trash”.)
  • Leprechaun – Used in place of “lexicon”, as in “Let’s put that word into our leprechaun to use all the time” or “We need to just take that phrase out of our leprechaun” – both of which are intentionally said so as to allow those listeners who are either not too bright or sarcastically-challenged to call the show.
  • Butterface – A term to describe a woman whose body looks good, but her face doesn’t, as in “Unfortunately, the cheerleader was a real butterface.”  
  • Blockermore – A term to describe a woman who looks good from a distance, but not as good close up, as in “The other cheerleader with the pretty face was a blockermore”, meaning that she looked good from a “block or more” away.
  • Stripaerobicizer – A term first used on the show on 4/8/08 to describe a Canadian that Intern White Shadow hooked up with the previous night who claimed to be an erotic aerobics instructor.
  • Pipes – A DJ term for vocal cords.
  • Full Pull – A term used at monster truck pulls in which the tractors compete by pulling a heavy sled that shifts so that it offers progressively greater resistance as it is pulled.
  • Flesh Bet – A term used to describe a bet between a couple in which the “winner” decides such things as whether to have relations, where to have relations, or how to have relations, with the “loser” of the bet.
  • Jorts – A term that they use quite often that refers to cutoffs or simply “Jean shORTS”.
  • Just as there are words and phrases that they add to their leprechaun, there are also several words or phrases that they are tired of hearing and feel should be retired, or “forever locked away in the lockbox”:
  • Giving props
  • Hottie
  • Bling, Bling
  • Git R Done
  • Raising the Roof (Pumping your hands in the air, palms facing upward, like you are “raising the roof”)
  • Saying something is “gravy” if it’s good or easy
  • Amazing
  • At the end of the day
  • The Breakfast of Champions
  • Politics is not something that’s off limits, although it doesn’t come up too often.  But when it does, Ace, TJ, Yankee Pete, and BreezeKat are all conservatives first, and Republicans second.  Current GOP Presidential candidate John McCain and current Republican President George W. Bush are just two examples that illustrate that a politician doesn’t have to be a conservative to be a Republican.  Guenn is the only current cast member who was raised as a liberal Democrat, but give her and her gigantic feet and unusually long torso a chance anyway, okay?  She’s also the only one to regularly smoke the marijuana.  She also is the only one who routinely asks, “Are you ready for a bath?” and occasionally confesses, “I kinda want it.”  Neither Ace nor TJ have ever smoked marijuana or done any other illegal drugs; Pete, well, that’s a different story, but he’s clean now.  TJ and Pete are by far the most opinionated people on the show when it comes to politics.  Ace will agree with most of their views, although being the only one of the three who was brainwashed while getting a bachelor’s degree, it’s harder for him to shake off the residual liberalism that he was forced to wallow in for four years.  But usually he comes around and sees the light.  TJ and Pete are quick to point out what many would consider to be Libertarian principles such as 1) smaller and less government; 2) adhering to the U.S. Constitution; 3) obeying the law; 4) people should be able to do whatever they want as long as they don’t infringe upon someone else’s rights or freedoms, even if they personally disagree with it, whether it means doing drugs, gambling, or paying a hooker; 5) the inherent dangers of the nanny state and political correctness run amuck; and 6) democrats – liberals, communists, socialists, etc. – do not have this country’s best interest at heart.  In addition to being capitalists, they don’t begrudge anyone else from making as much money as they want by taking advantage of the free market system in the United States of America, which they repeatedly refer to as the greatest nation in the history of the world. 
  • Another topic that is by no means off limits is the environmental movement and the ridiculous belief by some that people can control the natural occurrence known as “Global Warming” or “Climate Change/Crisis”.  They, unlike most sheeple today, also haven’t fallen for the whole “Going Green” or recycling nonsense.  But, please, feel free to send TJ an e-mail at  But put something in the subject line like “TJ – Global Warming, blah, blah, blah” so that Ace doesn’t have to waste his time reading it.  Also, if you’re lucky enough to receive a reply from TJ, do yourself a favor and read it with an open mind and do a little research yourself.  During one of their most memorable interviews that took place during this year’s democrat primaries, they interviewed Bill Clinton and despite Clinton’s claim that “the science of Global Warming was settled and man is the problem”, TJ countered each time, with tact but sternness, that the science is not in on Global Warming and more and more scientists are agreeing that it is not a problem anywhere close to the magnitude that some people say it is and there’s nothing that mankind can do about it.  Unfortunately, that part of their long-running interview with the former President wasn’t the part that was picked up by Rush Limbaugh later that same day.  Although they won’t admit it, in the words of their friend Will Ferrell, they are “kind of a big deal.”
  • A couple of things not to do if you call in or e-mail: 1) don’t bash other morning radio shows; and 2) don’t use the word “retarded”; it's not an appropriate word to use.  Also, obviously, don’t cuss or use any sort of slur or derogatory terms when talking about people of a different race, religion, ethnic background (except for the Dutch), or sexual orientation.  There are some exceptions to this rule.  If you want to make fun of stoners, hippies, or gamers, go ahead.  As TJ points out, “They’re all still asleep anyway.”  You can also add liberals and/or democrats to the list, as most of the highbrow humor on this radio program is way over their heads and most of them are sarcastically challenged.
  • TJ’s “Little Black Box” has been a huge hit on the show for quite a while now.  Whenever you hear him tell Breeze to “mark the tape!” it’s usually right after someone on the show has said something that he can copy into his box and then replay later, and out of context, to make it seem like the person just said something inappropriate or just funny.  For instance, when Guenn first started and TJ got his box, he recorded her saying, “So, are you ready for a bath?” and then replayed it repeatedly, often working it into conversations.  For example, he might replay it after asking Guenn what she said to Ace after the last Charity Case show that upset Ace’s wife.  Ace has probably been the victim of TJ’s box more than anyone, partially because he will read articles verbatim on the air, but mostly because he just says a lot of things that can be taken out of context or pieced together.  A common replay of Ace is TJ asking him, or someone else saying something, followed by the tape of Ace saying, “I’m roofying hookers” or “Buy some boobs” or “In your face, B!”  (B, by the way, is their euphemism for a word that sounds like “witch”.  Another is Lassie.”)  Their website currently has all available Podcasts of the show going as far back as their first day back on the air this year, Monday, January 7, 2008.  Click on the LISTEN tab at the top of and then click on the link to go to Total Ace & TJ or logon directly at  After a short, one-time registration, login and then click on the Archives icon at the bottom of the screen.  The most recent show is display in the “Total Ace & TJ Player 1.0” on this screen.  You can either listen to it online by clicking the “play” button at the top of the player or you can download a segment by left-clicking the green “Download” button and saving the mp3 file on your PC.  Each show is broken down into 3 segments per hour, or 12 per day, with the exception being Friday’s 11 segments because of the copyright laws and cost that they would incur if they made their World Famous Friday Morning Weekend Blastoff available for downloading.  To listen to or download a different day’s show, simply click on the appropriate day and date to the immediate left of the player for the current month, or click on a different month from the list on the far left of the screen.  You can also do a search on a keyword or phrase from any past segment of the show.  To hear a sample of TJ’s box, click on “Search” at the bottom of the player.  In the box below “Keyword:” type in “Cade interview” and hit Enter.  (Cade is Ace’s son, BTW.)  It will put at least four different segments into the player for you to listen to or download.  For another example, open up the archived month of “March 2008” and then click on the show from “Friday 28th”.  Now, check out the fifth segment entitled “First recording In History, Ace Techno”.
  • There are various things that they try and do every day on the show.  One of the most popular, which first began on 5/19/05, is “The Stupid News with Yankee Pete” in which he goes over some of the funny and sadly-funny stories in the news that may not make it to the nightly news or above the fold in your local newspaper.  A link for the daily version can be found at the bottom of  As you will all soon learn, Guenn is very excited and up-to-date on anything that involves celebrities or Hollywood.  As such, she has her own segment of the show that’s updated each day entitled “The Guenn-tertainment Report”, which is also found online.  And rounding out the day’s information is “The Real News”, updated daily at, and mentioned from time to time on the air.  Every Tuesday, they post on their website and mention on the air, the new DVD’s and CD’s that are “dropping” that week.  And on Friday, they list the new movies opening for the weekend.  And to recap each day, Yankee Pete goes over his list of “The 5 Things You Need To Know”, which can also be found online as well by clicking on the Features tab at the top of  
  • There are also some things that they do from time to time on the show, but not on a particular day of the week.  One of the more popular is called “Pete’s Poetry Moment” in which Yankee Pete, sometimes referred to as “The King of Caucasia” and “Windsor Whitey”, reads a popular rap song without any sort of music, beat or cadence, since after all, rap is the current form of poetry.  A master of several voices, including a German voice, a Midwestern voice, a trucker voice, as well as “characters” such as “Myron”, a computer geek, and the deliciously candy coated “Freddy Fatterson”, perhaps one of Pete’s most requested character voices is that of the unnamed girl who is known simply as “Christie’s Best Friend”, who is quick to point out that she is “13 ½ years old, dammit!”  Go back to the archive page and do a find on “Christie” to see what I’m talking about.
  • A lot of their show basically revolves around each other and their personal lives, and interacting with their listeners or “radio family members” as we are called.  When they moved to Charlotte, they decided to focus less on scripted characters, partially due to another popular morning radio show that had been in this area for the past 10 – 15 years whose show is heavily centered on just that.  A lot of times, something will happen to one of the members of the show, or they will get an e-mail asking for advice, and it eventually may turn into a competition amongst listeners called “The Guinness Book of Listeners” (which includes bragging rights, along with a 12-pack of nuthin’) or the popular segment “Bet no one’s listening who...”  Some of the records in the former include “most times married” and “oldest person you brought to your high school prom”, while the latter can include pretty much anything, like Bet no one’s listening who…“ever shot at a family member for fun” or “got arrested on their wedding day”.  Occasionally, there will be a call-in segment entitled “Make Pete Say Geez!”  Although exhibiting many “redneck” characteristics himself, such as smoking, Yankee Pete detests “all things redneck”, which is not the same as “all things southern”, because you don’t have to be from the South to be a redneck…they’re all over the place!  Some past editions of “Make Pete Say Geez!” include listeners calling in with their own redneck stories about such things as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, high school prom, and so on.  Check a few out in the archives by doing a search on “Geez”.
  • Although they talk to famous people from time to time, they don’t rely on celebrity interviews to make their show funny.  Some of the funniest moments have come from everyone just sitting around and talking about stuff on the air.  And not “made up” or “scripted” stuff like some shows probably do; it’s kind of like sitting around with friends at work or relatives at a family reunion.  It’s the spontaneity of what’s going on that makes it not only unique, but even funnier than if they spent hours rehearsing it before going on the air, like a sitcom.  They’re more of a radio-comedy show, or a radcom, if you will.  And one of the reasons it works so well for them is because they don’t “play characters” on the show, and then “turn it off” when they leave.  What you hear is who they are.  For instance, they don’t sit around and make redneck jokes and talk with fake southern accents saying “Git R Done” every few minutes and then speak with proper grammar in a completely different accent if you meet them at a restaurant later that day.  As they claim, this is because it would “be too much work to try and remember all of that stuff.”
  • A lot of people are said to “give back to their communities” but few people, on the radio or not, actually prove it as consistently and as overwhelmingly as Ace & TJ.  When Hurricane Katrina struck their home state of Louisiana, everyone on the show spent the entire week, almost around the clock, taking donations of food, water, blankets, batteries, diapers, and other supplies, and helped listeners load them into 18-wheelers that local companies donated to them in order to drive straight to the Central Louisiana chapter of the American Red Cross.  After licensed drivers volunteered, Pete rode with a retired trucker named “Bear” who just happens to live in South Carolina in the first convoy on Friday, less a week after the storm hit.  They eventually sent a total of 26 semis full of supplies from several of their affiliate stations directly to the Gulf Coast.  Oh, and they also took a few cash donations from listeners for the American Red Cross’s Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund that came to $720,000.  They are also quick to give the credit for this and other special fundraising projects to their radio family members.  One of these is more than $210,000 that they raised to help the family of Anthony Stancil, an off duty Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Deputy who was working part-time security at a grocery store who was killed when trying to apprehend some punk who was stealing $11 worth of crab legs who shot him in the face.  Another would be the memorial parks that they built in honor of two more of Charlotte’s finest, CMPD Officers Sean Clark and Jeff Shelton, in their respective hometowns after both were shot in the head while still in their squad car after responding to a call at an apartment complex.  In addition to Ace’s band, Charity Case, they also have an annual celebrity golf tournament and various other events throughout the year that raise money for their own Grin Kids organization. 
  • Another thing you should know about Ace & TJ is that even if they don’t seem as funny as you think they will at first, give them a chance.  Some of their biggest fans started off sending in hate e-mails in the beginning, usually because they blamed them for their previous favorite morning show being let go from their station.  And that’s only natural.  You spend years and years listening to one person or one morning show and you eventually feel like you know them.  They’re familiar to you.  You know their quirks and you like their little idiosyncrasies or skits or whatever and you don’t want some new show with a bunch of rednecks that ain’t even from your area taking over your morning show.  It’s worse than when a network cancels your favorite TV show that comes on for an hour, or half an hour, once a week.  You can spend up to 20 hours a week with the same morning radio show, so naturally you feel closer to them.  But after the initial shock goes away and you become familiar with everyone on The Ace & TJ Show, you’ll feel the same way, possibly stronger, about them.  And one advantage that Columbia listeners, for example, have is that the station which The Ace & TJ Show is now on, WNOK 104.7, did not have to fire another DJ or morning show to add them to their roster.  From what I’ve read on that station’s website, the former morning guy, Jonathon Rush, decided to go to the country station just down the hall and Kelly Nash will still be a part of your mornings.  Short of giving out their home phone and cell phone numbers, addresses, or real names, they delve into a lot of very personal things going on in their own lives.  They also constantly share things with their listeners that most people wouldn’t share with their own friends or coworkers, never mind a bunch of strangers on the other end of a radio.  It’s not all serious, of course, but occasionally it can be.  Some of their shows may bring a tear to your eye, such as every year around Christmas (and yes, they do call it “Christmas”, not “X-mas” or “The Holidays” or any other PC crap; they are all Christians and will quickly point that out, although not in a “preachy” kind of way), they collect donations for “Breaking & Entering Christmas” in which Yankee Pete and his “band of merry hoodlum elves” anonymously break into someone’s home that a listener has nominated and leaves just about everything the family could ever hope for but due to falling on hard times, cannot otherwise afford.  And the key word is “anonymous” since the family has no idea were everything came from, other than a note from Santa Claus.  Last year they did this for six different families throughout their listening area.  And these aren’t just families that can’t afford all of the X-Box or PlayStation 3 games that their kids want after opening thousands of dollars worth of new clothes, toys, etc.  These are people who are barely scraping by, often times a single mother whose husband has simply skipped out on his wife and kids, who has to get rides from friends and neighbors to work and the grocery store, who uses the stove to heat their trailer, who have kids who share the same bed, not just the same room, who don’t accept welfare or food stamps and who work several jobs just to keep a roof over everyone’s head, clearance-rack clothes on their backs, and at least one meal a day on the table.  In some cases, there are medical issues involved, like a woman who was undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer while working fulltime to support her kids, going to night school to become a nurse, while trying to hold her family together after her worthless husband just skipped out on everyone.  Sometimes there are a few “big-ticket” items that people donate, like a local car dealership that gave one family a car, or a guy who owns his own heating and air company who was listening to another family’s story of heating their trailer with the stove and one small electric heater and called in and pledged to install central heat and air for the family at no charge, even materials.

I guess there’s not a whole lot left to say other than give them a chance and pretty soon you’ll be convinced that they are the best morning radio show in America, and by default, the world, whether they admit it or not.  Plus, what have you got to lose?  In case they forget to mention it, their show comes with a 100%, no-questions-asked money back guarantee!

Danny has added a PART here for updated information you need to know.


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